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A hilariously twisted, improvisational, multi-artist comic made out-of-order by people who are out of their minds.
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Twisted, improvisational, multi-artist, full-page comics created on-the-spot, out-of-order, and all in one session with each artist doing entire panels. Featuring the artwork and storylines of Marx McNeill, Nate Crone, Ed Rivera, and Stacey McCulley. We make dementia hilarious.

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Marx Marvelous
Marx Marvelous
My name is Marx McNeill, and I'm the Evil Mastermind behind the COMIXTURE Crew here in Portland, OR, which also includes Nate Crone, Ed Rivera, Alex Groveman, and Stacey McCulley. Our comics are created improvisationally, on-the-spot, and out-of-order, with each artist contributing both the story and artwork of entire panels all on their own in a limited amount of time, creating a twisted "improv comic".
You can find all my other comics (the scripted ones!) and various other artworks of mine on either Fuzzy Bunnies or on the White Board of Doom.