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Some want to collect them all, or to be the very best in tournaments or contests. Many choose an assistant or two with helpful abilities. Some just want one good friend to keep them company through life.
Sometimes the contents are not as described and life is much more interesting as a result.

This is a story set in the Pokemon world. It's set in a region never seen in the games or anime, which is why some things might be different; whatever you've found is definitely maybe not an error and well done for noticing.
So I was kind of inspired by my neurotic issues - why does everybody want to make their pokemon fight? Or is it just a small fraction of trainers? Is it cruel to keep them locked up in pokeballs? What even goes on in there anyway? Pokemon are mostly beaten up and apparently caught against their will. Why do they then immediately become friends with the trainer, rather than running away? Here lies my headcanon.

Content warning
Mild peril
Sexual situations - romantic intimacy

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Rights to all things pokemon belong to "The Pokémon Company", but Pokemon Lawyers - please continue to help your company do good work making money hand over fist and don't worry about this fanfiction, or indeed the many other non-commercial offerings using your IP as a setting.
All images are either drawn or otherwise created by me, or derived using art with a permissive licence - which will be referenced at first usage.


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Ah. The pink one. Now that nails it down: She's a girl. :P
Given how she thinks sometimes I kinda expect her to go back one or two sizes and pick basically the same thing.
Spend a bit more money and get one Dido really likes and wants to use for longer - or buy cheap now and let Dido select her favorite one later, once being a Pokémon is resolved? Hm...

(TMI: Years ago while window-shopping I saw a nice (but not super expensive looking) Parka for 1500€, while good ones usually cost 100-200€. The last one I bought for myself was only 20€ and lasted 5 years. Not much but if one for 20€ lasts 5 years. I'd expect one for 200 € to last 50 years.)
Thanks! I'm glad you like it.