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Webcomic profile: The Concord Initiative
The Concord Initiative
History has no mercy for losers.
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Content flags: Violent Content
Language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday, 4:07 AM
Number of comics: 132
Number of subscribers: 12
Visitors: 5428 visitors (16170 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (14 votes)

Webcomic description

As an industrial and colonial revolution consumes the world, the beleaguered members of the Concord Initiative--led by the unflinching Gasparro Cavallo--will confront the General Crisis of the Early Modern Period. All that was established is in upheaval. All that was known is now doubted. All that was called civilization is now folly. How could it have come to this?

Only one thing is certain.

History will have no mercy on the losers.


It's only a matter of time.

Most recent comments left on The Concord Initiative

13 days ago
It's a font called "Leander"
Left on Map of the Dauntine Empire
13 days ago
What font do you use?

Also: this and the other map are well done... for big epic fantasies like yours they are a must!
Left on Map of the Dauntine Empire
13 days ago
I'm glad to hear it. It helps to whet the appetite during hiatus.
Left on Inktober Day 2: Necromancy
13 days ago
These one-off pages are badass.
Left on Inktober Day 2: Necromancy
30th Sep 2019
I'm lucky to have many talented peers who take time out of their creative pursuits to try their hand at The Concord Initiative. Here are just a few of those. I will be posting more as the days go by.

I not only subscribe to all of these comics, I read them as soon as they update. That's a very rare thing for me.

BenO, creator of Ringo The Assassin
(Psychedelic sci-fi adventure; one of the most creative webcomics around. Ben is pathologically interested in innovation.)
Follow him at @ringocomic

Ardi, creator of A Story of Fire
(Ardi started with the sole purpose of improving his art skills. He not only succeeds, he dominates. Intriguing tale of an Oni curse and two afflicted sisters who take different paths at closure.)

Cancrizans, creator of Flesh Kernel
(Intergalactic alien petty criminals Wilt and Anais find themselves immersed in an ever more surreal and sinister situation when Wilt becomes the unwilling vessel of a callous worm god. He gets his ex involved--and things deteriorate.)
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Left on Colleague Art