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The Concord Initiative
History has no mercy for losers.
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Graphic Violence / Gore
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As an industrial and colonial revolution consumes the world, the beleaguered members of the Concord Initiative--led by the unflinching Gasparro Cavallo--will confront the General Crisis of the Early Modern Period. All that was established is in upheaval. All that was known is now doubted. All that was called civilization is now folly. How could it have come to this?

Only one thing is certain.

History will have no mercy on the losers.


It's only a matter of time.

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"The Daedalites are admirable allies, and the most entertaining party guests, but they haven't quite managed to conquer their superstitious nature."
--Lord Rork Huront
Author Note
It ebbs and flows.
"Trauma is magic--evoking, conjuring, enchanting... transmuting. It is the first magic... And the last magic."
Author Note
"No. NO. Not like this! NO!!!"
Author Note
This comic has been super intense for the last few updates