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Comic profile: Consolers
Game companies doing game company things | Updates currently irregular
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Consolers is a mostly affectionate parody of the game industry, presenting game history, news and fun facts through personified companies. Join Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft and their friends in their game industry misadventures and corporate shenanigans! Updates currently irregular



Zanreo "Zan" Sauce - Founder, CEO and president of Whoopshoop Lazers.
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I also draw game companies

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Most recent comments left on Consolers

Ajax (Guest)
2 days ago
I think that’s hardly fair. They’ve been doing a better job at marketing with the Switch.
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Koshi (Guest)
3 days ago
I think dunkey put it best.
Nintendo doesn't understand marketing, they don't understand how to run a business, but what they do know how to do is make video games. Really really really fucking well.
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3 days ago
Can only agree.

In the end, everything exists because consumers allowed it at some point. That is how it is and that is how it should be. Voting with wallets does not happen often and when it happens, it only lessens the impact while the core is revised by corporations and used in another way later when people become a bit more used to it.

But it is never about what "we" want. Take a look at the movie industry. Chinese audience ALONE can generate as much money as well, most of the world combined so they do not need to continue doing it for us, just for those who pay. And once we have nothing, we will adjust.
That is what happened to anime in my opinion as well. The so called otakus are the paying force so that is what is coming out the past few years. But I guess it is not my right to say anything. Definitely not.
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Ajax (Guest)
4 days ago
The optimist in me wants to see EA get hit with hundreds of thousands in fines and go down in ignominy. The cynic in me knows that they’ll just continue to screw over the gamer. And the problem is the dudebros just wat their games up.

Economics says that humans will usually act in their own self interest, thus creating a Darwinian situation where those whose practices are excessively anti consumer are forced to dial it down.

That’s a load of BS, I say. You can sell anything to anyone so long as you dress it up pretty and sucker them away from just how much they’ll be getting screwed by anti consumer practices.

I can only hope that ol’ Abe Lincoln is right on one thing. “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you’ll never fool all of the people all of the time.”
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5 days ago
The recent BF2 incident was a huge fiasco but let's not kid ourselves. Unfortunately, companies just test and treat consumers like idiots to check with how much they can get away with.
Their talk about being "saddened" is just well, talk, and they are just going to revise their loot box practice instead of getting rid of it. They are not sorry at all. They are just noting how far they can go before it becomes another standard people are OK with before going once again even farther.
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