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Consolers is a mostly affectionate parody of the game industry, presenting game history, news and fun facts through personified companies. Join Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft and their friends in their game industry misadventures and corporate shenanigans! Updates currently irregular



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They made the N64 tech demo featuring FF6 characters (with heretically blonde Terra) and said this is what they can do but there is so much more they want to do if Nintendo improves their tech such and such. Nintendo refused to they switched to CDs and the Playstation and made FF7... and FF8... and FF9 among all the other highly regarded PS titles like Parasite Eve, Vagrant Story, Xenogears, Chrono Cross, FF Tactics and so on.

N64 JRPGs are like... Paper Mario? That is an awesome game but it is one game. There is also Quest 64 but uh, nobody talks about Quest 64.

N64 had a lot of good and highly regarded games but we are talking JRPGs with Square and their shift with FF7 was a big loss on that front.
Square switching to Sony was a shit idea. They needed and actually begged Nintendo
Nintendo shouldn’t say she is impressed, I feel like she should’ve been unamused, give some smart and factual talk. And as soon as she tries to walk out. Sony stops her (not mean or anything like that) in a somewhat good way and wants to offer to be rivals. That’s a good story.
No it wouldn’t. The virtual boy would’ve outsold Sega’s shit glasses