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Consolers is a mostly affectionate parody of the game industry, presenting game history, news and fun facts through personified companies. Join Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft and their friends in their game industry misadventures and corporate shenanigans! Updates currently irregular



Zanreo "Zan" Sauce - Founder, CEO and president of Whoopshoop Lazers.
I sell lasers for all your laser needs.

I also draw game companies

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This used to be one of my favorite webcomics :/ I really miss it!!
Rest In Peace Consolers. You were a good webcomic, but it seems you too have died
Hmm, I'm a bit late to the party, but I remember No More Heroes had a minigame and that was from Marvelous. Maybe they had to pay a small fee or something or it wasn't that strict?
"Updates currently irregular"

I think you should update this to "Updates currently never"
Sadly seems to have fallen into obscurity.