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Consolers is a mostly affectionate parody of the game industry, presenting game history, news and fun facts through personified companies. Join Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft and their friends in their game industry misadventures and corporate shenanigans! Updates currently irregular



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There's always a bigger fish.
The printer coupled to the first Unix computer was a bit poor in its error reporting; one of its error numbers could mean one of a whole lot of different things. Unix, on receiving that error code, would just tell the users: "lp0: Printer on fire" :D

In assembly language programming, instructions are represented by "mnemonics", very short names which are supposed to remind you what the instruction does. IBM System/360 computers (introduced in 1964) had a lot of really bad mnemonics, so of course people mocked them with fictitious mnemonics such as HCF -- Halt and Catch Fire. ;) Other joke instructions were CAI (Corrupt Accounting Information), SDI (Self Destruct Immediately), and XPR (Execute Programmer)!
70s sofa! :D

Also good to see the good times.
iCan... I need an iCan so I can laugh at it every day! XD
Snaggletooth! :D Wait, first time I've seen one on a human. o.o ... Uh, all right, it works in animanga style. Works pretty well.

Huh! Again with the crime syndicates trying to get into gaming. (Those cloned Namco consoles...)