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The Science of Cookies
Webcomic on meta-research, health research, evidence based practice, EBM and research methods. Originally in French (2016-2019).
Last update: 8th Jun 2021, 1:03 PM
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Non-profit webcomic on (initially) health research, research on research itself (meta-research) and science more broadly. Technically also about cookies which are used as stand-ins for many things (usually research studies). Does include stuff on study design, questionable research practices, biases, meta-analysis, systematic reviews, randomized controlled trials, trials generally, ethical review boards and various other shenanigans.


These comics contain medical information. Illustrating in a humoristic way requires simplifying information and presenting it in a form that can be interpretated in many different ways; some subtle details are thus lost and errors can appear. Even if the information is correct, it might not be applicable to your specific situation or might no longer be relevant. Ideas found in the comics were not meant to substitute discussions with a health professionnal.


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People who have heard of X
Money spent on advertising X

These developers are very good at advertising [intervention X] and this may be why you have heard of it...
... How much advertising would a similar low-cost intervention have?
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I keep being interested in studying the things we do where I work...
... But if I then work somewhere else, will I have to start all over again?
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I've read this study already, you won't learn much from it.

+ 100 minutes saved!
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50 pages

If I learn nothing new or useful from it, can I count the 100+ minutes needed to read it in depth as work?
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Details, details, details, long
Details, details, technical stuff
Details, details, details and more
We discovered things and...
Note: this article was retracted (unreliable data)

Why do you think it is important for scientific journals to emphasize retraction notices?
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