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Last update: 13th Oct 2016, 10:14 PM
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Shapes, geometry, colors and mystery.
What my brain projected onto my screen.


#include <jak.h>

Random average dude, really. I love burgers though [and coding (robotics) and chocolate]!

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lmao, yeah, that makes sense. There was a time when young boys wanted their PCs looking like a rave club with all the LEDs when that sort of customization was new :D
I did that too with a friend even if it was a budget version.

Also, the cyan one looks like a bra and the yellow one as vertically cut boletus auripes. Sometimes it takes years to suddenly notice dumb stuff, lmao.
I love the neon look so much! Most of the things I've ever customized on my computers end up that way. Tablet too; yesterday I installed Total Launcher which has a neon-ish default theme, and set the wallpaper to plain black. These things take time though. Setting up Total Launcher is almost a hobby in itself. XD
If something cannot be defined then it effectively does not exist.

Laws stay the same but observed effects depend on the observer.

Time, nature, mind, thought.
Author Note
I like this sort of art so I have probably seen it before but had no idea who is the artist :D
That's uncanny! Your shapes and colors are so similar!