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Violent Content Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
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gay and weird comic about an imp named bunjee. content warning for very sensitive subjects at times.


i like to make stuff. im 18, trans dude, he/him.

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oh hes transphobic but, the thought of two dudes together is overriding his transphobia, kinda making him forget bunjee is trans. smith doesnt really know what "trans man" entails, he just dislikes it. i probably should have made that clearer lawl oops bad characterization moment..
i did not expect smith to acknowledge that bunjees a guy like that. i figured he'd be transphobic asf about it lol
These guys are so insecure it’s so funny
tru he needs to stfu also i love the colors here theyre so fire
i cant get over how many times i read it like. i know people exactly like everyone in this comic. but also so different

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