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The afterlife isn't so great.
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When people die, they go to hell. That's how it is in this world. If there's a heaven, nobody knows about it. They only know about the underworld part.

A young girl- 15 a.t.o.d to be exact - has been in hell for seven human years. She has earned the title of 'Corpse Reaper'from the amount of time she spends sorting through the bodies on the bottom floor of hell.

This is her not-so-happy afterlife. She's used to it. She can possess others, cause chaos, do whatever she really wants. It's what everybody in the afterlife does.

But sometimes, she yearns for something more than just the comfort of the bodies that pile around her. She's never really wanted to live again, but... maybe it's worth a try?


I'm Pan/Genderfluid person with Synesthesia, and go by the pronouns he/she/they. I'm a Pokémon geek and have an unhealthy obsession with the Little Nightmares series.

I have a Pixilart account here: https://www.pixilart.com/enderman-lover

I have a Pokefarm account here: https://pokefarm.com/user/enderman-lover

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Damn it, why do I always mess up Peko's design?
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YES!!!! FINALLY A PAGE WITH MANY HANDS! I LOOOOOVE DRAWING HANDS! No, really. They are my favorite thing to draw.

Edit: I made a design mistake on Peko. Forgive me.
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I mean
It funnier if he doesnt