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Follow the adventures of the crew of the Lucky Strike, a cargo-ship exploring a shifting galactic landscape.


I do comics.
Deft Beck
Author, editor, great person

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Mr. Vareel
31st Jul 2015
Mr. Vareel
The shell is a head dress? Well, I guess that explains where the cracks went. I thought it was a part of his body.
Left on Episode 4: Pg 20A
Mr. Vareel
1st Jun 2015
Mr. Vareel
He's dead.
Left on Episode 1: Pg 36
Mr. Vareel
5th Apr 2015
Mr. Vareel
Leonardo? Is that you?
Left on Episode 1: Pg 28
Deft Beck
20th Mar 2015
We all can get like that sometimes.
Left on Episode 1: Pg 21
Mr. Vareel
15th Mar 2015
Mr. Vareel
Some people just can't let things sit if they know they can fix them. Like me.
Left on Episode 1: Pg 21