Cosmic Warriors Battle Arena
For warriors of the cosmos
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Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
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This comic is being used to promote the Cosmic Warriors Battle Arena video game currently in development.


Panda Cop
Panda Cop
Panda Cop is a Panda man who is a cop in J city. He kills bad guys and hangs out with Ganmi his best m8.

Also there is Gator Man and a bunch of freaks and cannibals.

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The Kongs could be quite the formidable group if they could get along with each other.
Panda Cop
Ahh that is the response i want people to have.

Go Kamala go go go!
Such senseless killing!
Panda Cop
That lookd too complicated for me to build. I mostly got the idea from an enemy in the metal max games (never played but i like the art)which is like a combination of a long neck dinosaur and a battleship and some digimon i saw which had jets and the battle axe tail.

After putting up the page i thought maybei was subconsiously inspired by titanus which was like a brontosaurus megazord from power rangers but i conciously has completely forgot aboutit but it is kind of like that zoid