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Comedy of the Carrion Angels
Wicked men walk on cloven feet.
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Content flags: Violent ContentSexual ContentStrong LanguageNudity
Language: English
Genre: Horror
Activity status: On hiatus
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Last update: 12 days ago, 2:59 AM
Number of comics: 247
Number of subscribers: 63
Visitors: 74204 visitors (558378 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.99 (563 votes)

Webcomic description

Lionel is an annoyed old man with cloven-hooved feet. An immortal warlock, he retires from his long-standing law career to enjoy the finer things in life. However, his father (possible vampire?), a scheming, Jewish funeral baron with mob and occult connections, wants grandchildren and is determined to get his way.
18+ readers; vulgar language, sexual content, nudity, and violence.


Shekets, a loathsome object, an abomination.
A POC goth with XX chromosomes. Cynical and jaded, not a nice creature.
Pronouns: Her Satanic Majesty (full, no buts or ifs!)

I really like golems and djinns (the traditional kinds).
Samael and Astaroth are my big homies.

I must consume meat on a regular basis, or untold disasters involving infanticide shall occur.

Ave disco Satanas

Tweet hell: @NoseyJerk
Comic tweet hell: @cotcacomic
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Most recent comments left on Comedy of the Carrion Angels

He could always...beat it into submission XD

On a more serious note, please take care of yourself first. I mean, you don't need a bunch of strangers on the Internet to tell you that. But it's sometimes nice to hear that people enjoy your art, and I really hope things go well for you as an extension of that appreciation.
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Batavian One (Guest)
8 days ago
"Huzzah, she's back!"
Good to see you climb back on the horse: I'd suggest not to rush it, but we certainly appreciate every bit you can throw our way while battling the Real World (tm) challenges!
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12 days ago
Still on hiatus, trying to work on pages but still having a lot of trouble.
There's new merch stuff in my Etsy shop, including some cool gold foil tarot prints. I'm not in a good place financially, and am learning how to drive so I can get a real world job and commit to the daily grind. Probably going to be homeless within a year or so, so I really need to get my shit together asap. Right now, comic is taking a backseat since, uh, important stuff.

As always, please refer to @cotcacomic on twitter for any news/updates/developments.
Consider supporting me on either Patreon or SubscribeStar! You get to see new pages as they're finished and I am working on more physical rewards. You get things like prints, stickers, patches (and other goodies I have planned).
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16th Apr 2019
"It's alright..."
Then do not pursue cotca right now: I saw your personal written commitment at the outset of the comic and also in the detail and work you spent on it.

I think I can relate to that drive. I am the son of an artist: I have seen that the true will to create/express is a deep-seated thing. But when it gets blocked, something even deeper is obviously at stake. So, if you need to hear it, know that it's alright: leave this aside and focus on just 'being' for now, work towards being okay and getting through. I give you a good chance of getting through, as well: your work betrays a wonderful mind and a humorous and somewhat irreverent personality. Could be worse, right? ;-)

Wishing you all the best. If you ever want to reach out, by all means do: batavian-one [at] protonmail [dot] com
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15th Apr 2019
I really appreciate your comment and your kind words. I've not been in a good state of mind and I'm not sure when or if I'll recover from it.
I would really like to continue working on cotca but right now it's just not really something I can dedicate any energy to. I'm having a lot of trouble with drawing things in general, so all of my creative stuff has come to a halt.
As of right now, I don't really know what's going to happen.
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