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Last update: 14th Dec 2020, 12:47 AM
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COVID ISLAND was inspired by the world governments and their rules and regulations as well as the "safer at home" orders most Americans were instructed to do. When you're at home, not being able to go out, your mind starts to think and if you're lucky you come up with a new idea to keep yourself occupied! That is the result here, my comic strip follows the adventures of our lucky little hero who is stranded on a desert island (or maybe he moved there willingly... only time will tell the reader). Getting updates from the "mainland" via messages in a bottle, we follow his daily life while trying to STAY SAFE AT HOME and avoid getting the dreaded coronavirus known as COVID-19!


Derek Maki is an award winning actor and film director who is now giving a comic strip series a try.

Most recent comments left on COVID ISLAND

Loved it!!! I can’t draw this well!!!
Great job my friend! I have been waiting for this. My Saturday was not the same. Nothing to read and look forward too. Fabulous little story! We all need a great laughs one in awhile!!!! Thank you, for being back. 🌈 stay safe!
It’s Halloween πŸ‘» in Covid Island !! I had a great laugh πŸ˜‚ again! You think of everything. This comic strips makes you think that little 🏝 would be nice to be on it now. To get away from this nonsense country,that we live in now. So we could feel secure and happy again.
Only you , would think πŸ€” of something 🀣! I laugh and laugh.! I sure needed a good laugh this morning. You make my morning. This is so much better than the news! Keep these scripts coming. I so love your little stories.until next week.

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