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Some decades after the collapse of modern society, the population is still in decline: The world is rife with natural disasters, famine, extreme and unpredictable weather patterns, and... killer robots? But for one lone coyotegirl and her human friends, there's no better way to pass the apocalypse... than by playing a good ol' fashioned game of D&D.



I'm Alejandra, but some people call me Rocket Llama! And this is where I house my stories. I post journal comics about my life to hone my drawing skills, and some other stuff besides.

Right now I'm working on Coyotegirl: A comic about a chill, badass animal woman in a post-apocalyptic world, who can see beauty through the dystopia and who's only goal is to play D&D with her human friends. Check it out!

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I love these action shots!! Oh my goodness!! These are fantastic!! Honestly, Coyote's expressions are absolutely golden.
Also, I really love those details about the type of ecosystem and biome this takes place in!! I'm a sucker for that sort of stuff. This is like completely unrelated, but I really love the adaptations plants from those sorts of environments have.
Then again, Coyotegirl looks like she could use a nice giraffe snadwhich. Shes nothing but fur, bones and sass!
BARD!!! Sweet Bard! Is that you my friend? :-D

Who would better know the agony of pack sound; these expressions are straight from a thru-hiker's heart XD
I lived with two chihuahuas during the pandemic and they taught me a lot about dog expressions XD

Should'a called this comic Chihuahuagirl really, but it doesn't have the same ring
I thought this page was gonna be all badass and serious, like - Coyote bashing in this robot like an action hero and blowing smoke off her crowbar or whatever. But no, sometimes you just have to follow your inner derp