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Last update: 24th Feb 2023, 11:21 PM
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Some decades after the collapse of modern society, the population is still in decline: The world is rife with natural disasters, famine, extreme and unpredictable weather patterns, and... killer robots? But for one lone coyotegirl and her human friends, there's no better way to pass the apocalypse... than by playing a good ol' fashioned game of D&D.


Rocket Llama
Rocket Llama

I'm Alejandra, but some people call me Rocket Llama! And this is where I house my stories. I post journal comics about my life to hone my drawing skills, and some other stuff besides.

Right now I'm working on Coyotegirl: A comic about a chill, badass animal woman in a post-apocalyptic world, who can see beauty through the dystopia and who's only goal is to play D&D with her human friends. Check it out!

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You gotta learn how to live on an ever-shorter tether
But if you're good - even for once - it's written: You'll be good forever


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I really love the contrast between the three characters in terms of posture and movement between the panels
YEAH I LOVE THAT!!! And that's so awesome, it's always great to see how individual experiences shape a person's art and writing style!
I love how she's so excited!
Goodness, this comic is making me want to hike!!! And then eat a BIG MEAL to celebrate!
I really do love how she takes a panel break to just cram all that food down her stomach, lol. And awwww. She’s so excited to show her friends the special treasure she found! Coyote is adorable.