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Last update: 8th Jun 2022, 12:49 AM
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An ask blog staring super smash bro's very own Crazy Hand. Join this party animal in his crazy adventures as he passes off the ask blog to any alt or smasher that is asked a question.

He's seen as a weirdo only allowed in by family relations by the smashers in ultimate. Shunned by most of the smashers, he hops next store to world of trophies. In brawl, he's the beloved chaos god of life in a wonderland filled with every mod you can imagine.


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How do the hands view the relationship between them and the smashers? Are they like one big family?
So I guess these are the poster's notes. But Crazy Hand can't really type so I'll write it instead.

*Master hand, ever busy with ~The following text has been censored by a moderator~ to help.


*Any thing Master Hand says not to do, please do it even more.

*To be honest I'm not sure if this will go anywhere. He already started two comics this week, and forgot about them after a page. Just ask some questions and try to be supportive okay, he's a really nice guy.

*I tried looking at the page to talk more about it, but t-that's too hard. Maybe Dedede sneaked into Ultimate or something? But he doesn't seem like the type to do that and I can't look anymore for context.

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