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A fan-series based from the RPG Golden Sun!
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A Comic based from the RPG Golden Sun!

Legend tells of Eight Heroes who saved the world of Weyard! That peace would not last long as an old foe from their past would assimilate the four Elements of Alchemy and threaten their world once again. These "Warriors of the Golden Sun" would reunite and face off in a final life or death showdown. Sadly, there will be no victory here as the world would be thrown into chaos and begin its destruction.

Years later, the last surviving civilization named Creda would introduce us to three survivors whose lives will change forever when they discover one of those eight heroes suddenly appear in their time. The three survivors band together with their new ally and experience something they’ve never had before: HOPE!

Rated (Teen) for fantasy violence and language.


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Lady Ani
Lady Ani
Ani is a Southern California native who has been drawing ever since she was 8 years old. As a total 90’s kid, she grew up during the prime of Power Rangers, Toonami anime, Beast Wars and other shows.

She currently works as a freelance artist and illustrator having been drawing in various fandoms like Pokemon, My Little Pony, Xenosaga and Golden Sun. Her true passion comes from creating her own stories and keeping busy in other avenues.

Not only is she a digital artist, but also devotes her personal time to photography, cosplaying and working at conventions year round. She also spends time documenting her life as an LGBT advocate and does her best to inspire others to be who they are and live their truth.

She feels her strongest creating art and telling stories that empower women, LGBT+ and those who might not have a voice.

Ani is currently attending College for Graphic Design and spends her time enjoying watching sports (NBA, NHL, and MLB), eating cheese, and planning her eventual "Passion Project" webcomic series “Creda” that's been in development for over 10 years.

She’s currently open for digital commissions, graphic design and convention photography.

Contact her for more information!

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Lady Ani
2 days ago
Lady Ani
I had so much fun making these effects.

Happy Monday!!!

- Ani

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Lady Ani
5 days ago
Lady Ani
Lady Ani
One week ago
Lady Ani
Ruh-roh. These were fun to design.

Happy Wednesday!!!

- Ani

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Lady Ani
12 days ago
Lady Ani
Oh, hello there stranger. :3
For a few of you reading, he might look familiar.

Happy Friday!!!

- Ani

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