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Comic profile: The Crepusculars
The Crepusculars
an assortment of 24 hour comics
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Content flags: Strong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 18th Jan 2017, 5:00 AM
Number of comics: 400
Number of subscribers: 28
Visitors: 34091 visitors (213921 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (303 votes)

Comic description

24 Hour Comic: a 24 page story written, penciled, and inked in 24 hours.
Crepuscular (zoology): an animal appearing or active at twilight.
The Crepusculars: a zany bunch of animals living their out-of-synch lives together in a big old Victorian house. Also my collected 24 hour comics.


My name's Neal. I grew up in Denver, lived in Oregon for awhile, and now live in Minneapolis with my wife, our son, and our dog. I take care of the critters, draw some comics, practice Aikido, and so on.

Most recent comments left on The Crepusculars

18th Jan 2017
Hey dear readers, I've launched a Patreon page for all my comics, with this amazing early bird special: make a pledge at any level before 7-1-18, and get an original drawing! Click here for details!
Left on Wilkins page 31
5th Oct 2016
Hey, it's an actual 24 hour comic for a change!
Left on Wilkins page 1
24th Mar 2016
Left on Blinkey page 1
24th Mar 2016
I'm uploading all pages of this shorty at once. Apologies if you find yourself starting here; the beginning is three pages previous.
Left on Measley 4
24th Mar 2016
This is not a 24 hour comic, just a short spontaneous story done for Minicomics Day.
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