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An epic across the northern lands!
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Darkness lurks in the forests of the northern Kingdoms. War looms over the horizon, monsters roam the countryside and black magic-users run amok. Only the Order of the Black Rose and the Crimson Knights who serve it stand between the evil and the helpless people of the north.

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Ah, Chapter 14. The dance ball was a sequence that I had planned for quite a long time. Although I eventually found it to be quite tedious to draw because of all the characters in the background.

Also, one thing that does still nags me is that I was originally going to include music that the fairy-bards were playing in the background when Erikr and Judoch were dancing. However, I couldn't make the staves look not completely stilted, and drawing the notes manually would've been too much of a work for such a minor background detail.

Still, I'm quite satisfied with the end result. While it doesn't advance the plot that much I do like the character interactions and there's some build-up for things to come.
This dude is sounding more and more like God
This Duke's about to get trashed
This was chapter 13, which also concludes "Part III" of Crimson Knights. It ended up being quite shorter than I originally expected, but I'm nonetheless quite satisfied with the end result. Mosshollow as seen on page two was quite fun to design and draw, and in Olda's clothing I wanted to strike a balance between something that was regal without being quite overly pompous.
Chapter 12. One interesting note I have it is that the scene where Itham teached Wilburg in reading was partially based on my own vague memories on how I learned to read back at the age of five.

Beyond that I don't think I've got much to say about the plot developements.