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An epic across the northern lands!
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Darkness lurks in the forests of the northern Kingdoms. War looms on the horizon. Dark wizards perform their unspeakable rituals at nights as vampires, werewolves and other beasts prey on innocent travelers. Only the Order of the Black Rose and the Crimson Knights who serve it stand between the evil and the helpless people of the north.

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An artist from Helsinki looking for a place and reason in this world (or something like that).

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That is an amazing response
As has happened before, chapter 25 and the upcoming chapter 26 were originally going to be a single chapter which I ended up splitting into two because it was getting too long. That's why this one ended up so short, as it's basically just an interlude to the giant climax that is to follow. Because of its shortness, I don't have that much to say about it, but Erikr and Judoch's giant kiss just before the battle was one of the most fun things to draw alongside the reactions their comrades give to it.
Chapter 24. With 26 pages, it ended up being the longest chapter of the entire story, and I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out. I knew the awakening of Aroth had to be something grand, and I think I made the lead-up to the ritual quite effective. I will freely admit that the brief bits with Erikr's and Itham's companies were just there to give some breaks for the scene-changes in Judoch and Nevio's story, but I think the character bits did work out quite nicely.

Also, the decision to maim Nevio was actually something that I wasn't planning on originally but as I was writing the scene I realized that it would be somewhat lame if both of the heroes would end out of the situation unharmed.
Chapter 23 ended up being shorter than I anticipated. However, it does mostly just lead to the following events. Interestingly, the scene where Ratyn and Cadell have to learn how to start a fire was something that I originally wrote when working on chapter 20, but I decided to dismiss it back then since I felt it didn't fit with the pacing of the chapter. However I still really liked the scene so I decided to include it in this chapter.

Also, if someone somehow manages to figure out where Anabla's funeral hymn at the start of the chapter is derived from, I'll be very impressed.
Not sure about that, humanoid wolf-monsters that hunt during the full moon are pretty werewolfy to me.