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Last update: 14th Nov 2011, 3:05 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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A young peasant boy by the name of Keith is selected by an experienced old wizard Rolnoth, in the annual apprenticeship ceremony in the city of Dalarone. Keith then trains as an apprentice magician. During his training, exciting events and problems occur, forcing the boy and his master to embark on a dangerous quest, retrieving ancient artifacts from fabled realms.

One new comic every Monday or Tuesday unless otherwise noted in the author blog ^^

---AVATAR BY LEWIS T--- thank you!!!!


Hmm, let's see...I'm a high schooler that goes to an international school in Shanghai. I love cats. I love to write and draw, and also has a great interest in fantasy genre in general.
My hair is waaaaay too long in that picture, but it looks cool that way!

Dialga Lord of Time
Dialga Lord of Time
Lord of time. Period.

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Art looks cool :P
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