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Vol 1 is in print! Vol 2 is coming ... slowly.
Last update: 12th Jul 2020, 8:31 PM
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Critters is a humorous fantasy adventure story about a group of child monsters struggling to survive and discovering friendship.

I also design RPGs! For more of my comics and games, visit sites.google.com/site/maycontainmonkeys/


Allan Dotson
Allan Dotson
I am a comic artist, game designer, and art teacher living in Regina, Canada.

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A Critters update? Alright!!
Allan Dotson
Critters: Underdark is availble in print from Indigo! This book contains both the Cages and Underdark stories.

Also check out crittersclassroom.tumblr.com for my drawing tutorial videos!

Join my Patreon to see more sneak previews of Wandering Monsters as it develops!
Author Note
Nephi always was a great artist. It was Charlottetown's loss when he moved away.
Allan Dotson
Hello. I am hard at work on Book 3: Wandering Monsters. I have been wating to show some proces stuff for a while, but it has been hard to pick a page to preview without giving too many spoilers.
Author Note
Wow I didn't know they were red. Cool :D