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Last update: 2nd Aug 2014, 9:33 PM
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A girl, whose re-named herself Kia, finds that she had died and became an Angel due to her last action before death. She meets an affiliate reaper that works for death, and he tells her how she can be reincarnated and return to Earth after finding out the purpose of her death in the Himmelsk Archives, a building that holds records of every person's death. Out of the hundreds of angels that work for Heaven, Kia is one of the first want to return to Earth. Her reason; she saw flashbacks of a white-haired man before she woke up.
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Look beyond horizon, then look a bit to the left. Right in that tree. Yes, that one! Right there! You can see my head poking out ever-so slightly. You see, I am the creature known as 'Shatodile', and one day I found a laptop and tablet calling my name in the dumpsters (It was such a glorious day). To this day, I waste my time in a tree, on my laptop, doing things. Like creating lame webcomics and going on Tumblr to look at cats. Whoever dare cross my domain will be met with a low grumble of me half asleep, and deadly fireballs thrown at them, which in actuality are just balled up pieces of food wrappers and bags.The only known way of escape.... Is to say something stupid enough for me to fall out of my tree, meaning you escape while you also defeat me. *dramatic music*
Oh, and If you've read this amazingly ridiculous, and also made up, description about me, thanks for checking out either my profile or my webcomic's file. It means a lot to me, and it's really rad. Anywho, see you around.

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this seems really interesting :3 I hope you'll continue it after all, even if you didn't do any research >.< maybe just play it by ear and see how everything goes about. :3
Well, see
I really wanted to continue this and everything, however I just kind of lack the inspiration and motivation for this. I also worry a bit about the fact that this entire comic would be based very loosely on an actual religion, and I never really did my research on it. I have been thinking about just going ahead and drawing out the end and posting it, but im not sure about it...
what do you guys think??
I'll be starting a new webcomic called "Dreamscape" so look out for that one
Author Note
heeeeeeey, sorry for the VERY delayed update, school is really taking a giant shit on me- but there's only a couple more weeks left...
Wish me luck and hope that I pass my grade
Author Note
off to heaven!!
Author Note
Hey, 4/20 praise it
and get cavities yea
Author Note

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