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Comic profile: Crown & Anchor
Crown & Anchor
A swashbuckling fantasy adventure! Full of fist-fights, japes, and rocket-launching blunderbusses
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Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today, 1:39 PM
Number of comics: 65
Number of subscribers: 14
Visitors: 1177 visitors (3595 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (41 votes)

Comic description

Crown & Anchor is a sci-fi/fantasy maritime tale about three unlikely bounty hunters and their stumbling upon highly sought after tokens of lore.
With these legendary relics discovered, their lives become very, very difficult. With mysterious Pirate Lords hot on their heels and pursued by outside forces (with the means of murdering them in cold blood), these pirates must overcome adversity in the waters as well as in themselves.


Toben Racicot is a little Canadian from the desolate prairies of Saskatchewan. He writes and letters.

Alaire Racicot is a little American from the dusty southern region of Washington state. She draws.
Together they make comics!

Most recent comments left on Crown & Anchor

Hey crew! If you want more pirates, updates, and shenanigans, consider joining The Pirate Conclave discord server:

If you'd like to see more back-matter and content, consider becoming a patron today!

Thank you all so much for reading up to this point, and for all your comment! Issue 3 starts next week! :D
Left on 2.22 - Issue 2 END
With these bozos in the way, will the trio be able to reach Wilton in time before his demise?
Left on 2.21
One week ago
The bounty hunters have become the bounty-hunted
Left on 2.20
One week ago
A new bounty - this time, a rescue mission.
But which island do they go to first?
Left on 2.19
Two weeks ago
I think we're alone now...
Left on 2.18