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Crown & Anchor
A swashbuckling fantasy adventure! Full of fist-fights, japes, and rocket-launching blunderbusses
Last update: 18th Mar 2020, 5:48 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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Crown & Anchor is a sci-fi/fantasy maritime tale about three unlikely bounty hunters and their stumbling upon highly sought after tokens of lore.
With these legendary relics discovered, their lives become very, very difficult. With mysterious Pirate Lords hot on their heels and pursued by outside forces (with the means of murdering them in cold blood), these pirates must overcome adversity in the waters as well as in themselves.


Toben Racicot is a little Canadian from the desolate prairies of Saskatchewan. He writes and letters.

Alaire Racicot is a little American from the dusty southern region of Washington state. She draws.
Together they make comics!

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Zagaroth is a demon with zero chill and all the dark magicks.
Author Note
I have an important announcement!

Since having a newborn child, work has significantly slowed down to where I will not be able to finish or upload comic pages at my current rate. The last few months of pregnancy, plus recovery and new parenthood, as well as a few paying jobs, has run my entire buffer dry.

So what does this mean for Crown & Anchor?
It certainly doesn't mean goodbye - we've written so much and love this story too much to quit. However it does mean I need to take a few months to prepare pages again. What used to take me a day or two takes a week if not more to complete, and I like to be at least a half issue ahead.

Toben is done with PhD classes in July. So, at the LATEST, you should be seeing more C&A pages by then. My son is my priority. I'd rather have a son who knows he can come to me about anything with no comic, than a withdrawn son and a finished comic.

It's been difficult coming to terms with this decision and realization, as I've been a comics workhorse for so long, but it's only temporary!

Just as well, my birthday is tomorrow! I only want one thing - for folks to discover and read my comic. If you have a moment to spare to share Crown & Anchor with your friends who you think would enjoy it, it would mean the world to me!

I want to thank you all for following this comic, for your comments and support. You mean so much to us.

I will keep everyone updated on any changes. After page 7.5 the hiatus will begin.
Author Note
Ikarn Noth Vugner, the Vessel
Author Note
Hey everyone! Sidequest is now LIVE on Kickstarter!
If you enjoy fantasy, Dungeons & Dragons, parental foibles, illicit gambling and gurgled pub shanties, this comic is for you!
Toben and myself are part of the creative team on this project.
Please share with your friends! It would be immensely appreciated! ^^
Author Note
Issue 7.
We take a dive into Yorvah
Author Note