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Webcomic profile: CRUDE
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Language: English
Genre: Other
Activity status: Active
Archive url: Visit archive
Last update: 19th Nov 2018, 1:15 PM
Number of comics: 107
Number of subscribers: 10
Visitors: 1743 visitors (8070 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (3 votes)

Webcomic description

One hell of a trip through multiple planets and multiple dimensions, with multiple characters.


fuck you

Most recent comments left on CRUDE

8th Nov 2018
"100 page recap"
after 161 days, 23 weeks and 5 months i have :
uploaded 101 pages
finished 1 chapter and started another one, which gives us a total of two chapters
gathered 8 subscribers
gathered 1283 visitors
gathered 6403 page visits
got 3 votes, all of them being 5/5
2 comments (ignoring mine)
introduced 4 important characters to the story
introduced 11 characters overall (including the important ones)
revealed 3 upcoming characters
prepared (drawn) 6 more important characters story-wise (ignoring the aforementioned 3)
prepared (drawn) 7 variations (1 each) for every story-wise important character
received 2 pieces of fanart

i hope everything continues as planned
wish me luck
and of course, i hope you enjoy reading it

and uhh yeah, thanks to the 8 subscribers, boo810, amalockh1, vhbc, sopothecat, nyunny (which has drawn fanart and discussed about the webcomic with me in private, thank you a lot), wunderground, dystopia and catshavicomics

well, see you all later
Left on [100]
7th Nov 2018
"im not so fucking lazy"
while the comic was on "hiatus" i actually created character sprites so jokes on you

have 3 of em, they arent gonna be revealed soon so they arent gonna be a big spoiler especially if you dont even know their names and things lol

there are 13 left to be revealed, architect was one of them but he already is in the comic so hey yeah

have a good one
Left on [90]
17th Aug 2018
also uhh make up a currency name for the world/dimension they are currently in

ill credit you or something
make sure its easy to pronounce and easy to write and easy to remember and overall nice and cool and good :ok_hand:
if any of yall egg looking asses wont ill do it myself
if you dont somebody will
Left on [78]
24th Jul 2018
i move my dirty ass and finally draw a page

i hope you guys like the free drawn pages, if you dont, leave a comment and tell me "go back to the simple ones lol" or something like that
freedraw allows me more freedom and pretty much it takes some time less to draw a page, so i prefer to stick to this.
im probably gonna do the static/simple ones as well.

also first page in the lore explaining i mentioned
another update coming tonight/midnight/early morning like 1 am or some shit
Left on [68]
15th Jul 2018
just a small update to let you guys know im not dead im just really fucking lazy

lore explaining will happen in the soon-to-be-posted pages

have fun reading lol
Left on [66]