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From machine guns to piping guns.
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In the dystopian age of 2590 A.D., Warrick 101 Epsilon is one of many war machine androids who was created to fight in Earth's fourth world war. He is deactivated during a battle, but is activated 1,000 years later and the world is now bright, prosperous and harmonious. Moreover, his body has been remodelled so that he now acts as the assistant of Stella Starchild's bakery cafe and catering services in Bright City. Will Warrick find fulfilment in his new role baking cookies, pies, cupcakes and more or is there just no taking the war out of this war machine?


Hello and please, call me Mary.

I picked up drawing since I was four and have not stopped since. My favourite art style is cartoon and my favourite genres are comedy, romance, fantasy and sci-fi. My favourite thing to draw are monsters/fictional races.

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I appreciate the info and that is why I am big on respecting real food.
>My version of brownies with no cocoa powder and no flavourings. All chocolate comes from CHOCOLATE.

Sounds good to me! They can be bad; the first brownie I ever bought was so bad, it nearly put me off them for life! Even today, I'm hesitant about buying them. To be fair, part of my hesitancy is because they're often so strong, it's overwhelming.

On the flip side, I've had good (non-baking) results from mixing cocoa powder with a really nice margerine. I got the idea from real chocolate being a mix of cocoa powder and cocoa butter, so I wondered if another vegetable fat would do. It did. On the flip side, it was deceptively smooth. I had a tendency to have too much of my cocoa-marge. It didn't make me feel sick, it made my head spin instead.

I made it because I had a milk intolerance. This is no longer a problem thanks to high doses of zinc, but I still think about making it because of an economic problem in the world. Real chocolate is hard on cocoa farmers. Cocoa is a difficult plant to grow, and real chocolate requires 3 times as much of the stuff; a lot of cocoa gets used to make the cocoa butter. (I'm normally too tired to actually make it; getting the cocoa powder to mix takes some effort and I don't have a mechanical whisk.)

There's a problem with real vanilla too. Demand for the natural product drove the price of vanilla up to that of silver! There's a lot of theft, local farmers are having to defend their crop with machettes...

Sorry to bring up depressing stuff, but I think these things ought to be known.
Fixed it.
Wow, that's a lot of eggs! I'll have to try this when I have the chance to get myself a whole carton.

Should that be "semi-sweet" for the ingredients list, not "semit-sweet"?
My version of brownies with no cocoa powder and no flavourings. All chocolate comes from CHOCOLATE. It's go real or go home with me. Hey, every baker amateur or professional must have brownies in their repetoire because sooner or later, someone is going to want them even that someone is you. You can have them as is or you can go all out and make a sundae out of them like Whip did here. The best thing to have it with is milk of course.

Stay hungry. If you love my art, please support me on Ko-fi, Patreon or shop for art or a commission. I do both digital and print.
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