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Graphic Violence / Gore
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One night the royal couple of Perlalune are murdered and the perpetrators flee leaving their only child, Benji, behind. Almost ten years pass, before Benji gets a clue of his parents' whereabouts and decides to follow it.
At the same time witches seem to be appearing from left and right even though magic was made forbidden years ago. Is it a coincidence or connected to the murders ten years ago?

Curiotelias is a long story in fantasy setting and focusing on themes around family and the responsibilities they can leave on one's shoulders. Is blood thicker than water and why does it matter, or does it?


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Glass weak, sir Iien strong...
Mango Cat
My dude, you just broke the glass…
Also, really excited for the next chapter! Happy holidays, and see you in January! :D
Annnnd that's a wrap for the chapter 10! :)
Like always, I'm taking a break between this chapter and the next. This break will be slightly longer than before, because it's Christmas and New Year's soonish :) Happy Holidays!

Chapter 11 starts on Jan 5th!
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They both make good bears! : )