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Comic profile: Drugs and Kisses
Drugs and Kisses
Updates Mondays & Wednesdays
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Content flags: Sexual ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Gag-a-day
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 31st Mar 2014, 12:01 AM
Number of comics: 122
Number of subscribers: 9
Visitors: 50788 visitors (272415 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.4 (55 votes)

Comic description

The adventures of a group of friends as they try to live the sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle. Nobody said it was going to be easy.

Updates every Monday and Wednesday


Most recent comments left on Drugs and Kisses

Comic or Die
31st Mar 2014
Comic or Die
Hey, we're back from our unplanned hiatus! And for the first time ever, I have a genuine excuse: my computer exploded!

Long story short, I now have an up-to-date computer, but have lost the photoshop files for the last 52 comics, oh goodie. That'll teach me to backup more often...
Left on Moving Out
Comic or Die
13th Mar 2014
Comic or Die
May I point out, straight away, that I do not recommend this method of ingesting alcohol; no good can come from it!
Left on Fixing Drinks
Comic or Die
26th Feb 2014
Comic or Die

Hey guys, as you can see, this strip features another one of Rainbow and Sketch's friends, and I can't for the life of me think of a name for her. I don't know how regularly she's going to be appearing (she's only shown up in 3 badly drawn panels previously) but she could do with a name, any suggestions?

Also, over the coming weeks you may see that a few of the really early comics have been rescanned, touched and coloured to fit the new style a bit better, so feel free to check them out. Considering how poor some of them are, I imagine I'll do them over from scratch at some point, thoughts?
Left on Helping Hand
Comic or Die
19th Feb 2014
Comic or Die
Had this one sitting around unfinished for 3 or 4 months at least; glad I finally got around to getting it done!
Left on Supply and Demand
Comic or Die
17th Feb 2014
Comic or Die
I had more fun with this strip (and the last few) then I have in ages, I think I'm getting back into the swing of things :)
Left on Bus Pass