Dancing with the Dead
Raunchy and Reanimated!
Last update: 25th Feb 2023, 7:00 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Occasional Strong Language
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The year is 1975, and a ragtag group of undead try to navigate the mess of decadence that is the English Vampire Society.


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As of 26/01/23, I only check this website once a week. But when Dancing with the Dead updates are posted, I check more frequently to address the readers.

Most recent comments left on Dancing with the Dead

Honestly, I love it too. She also controls the intensity of her glowing by herself, just like how she can change the opacity of her body.
Thanks! We do a little experimenting…👀

Buckle up Edgar…it’s gonna be even more of a clusterfuck as time goes on!
I love the subtle way you make Crystin glow...
God I love those close up panels of Crystin and Clifford, the speckled/pointillist textures are a really nice touch.

Also sleepy cat-form Edgar is adorable here, I’d be overwhelmed taking in what he’s been through on that day too!
Edgar doesn’t need a waterbed when he has THESE FAT TITS

This man physically has to have everyone’s attention at all times. Clifford, you diva. I also had a lot of fun messing with these psychedelic backgrounds too; the illusion of mid-tones is something I really want to get the hang of. Optical illusions my beloved.

Oh, you’re absolutely correct about this! Very good eye for detail there. 👀