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Last update: 10th Feb 2016, 5:00 AM
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Dandy & Company is the slightly skewed misadventures of a dog, his boy and the insane antics they get themselves into.


Hey there. My name is Dee Fish and I'm the lady responsible for all of this. I'm a cartoonist and graphic designer currently working out of Oil City, PA.

Of course, when I'm NOT drawing "Dandy & Company", I draw OTHER things like my fantasy/adventure comic, "The Wellkeeper". It's good. You should try it. You might like it.

I'm also a graphic designer with over 18 years of professional experience, so there's THAT too!

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“Amen, Dandy...”
Amen, indeed.

Would LOVE to see the unexpurgated version of this. Heck, both versions as a tee-shirt would be a best seller, IMHO.
There's an unedited version of this out there, just so you know. lol
Author Note
So, if you've been reading the strip for any length of time, you know I'm a semi-regular character myself. As such, this topic was eventually bound to come up in the strip itself.

Author Note
So, this strip is a LITTLE gross and crass. But it is honestly based on some very real conversations I've been in. Squishy Butt is REAL!
Author Note
Maryweather, more often than not, has to be to voice of reason in the strip. And sometimes, they even listen to her. Sometimes.
Author Note