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Are you ready for danger?!
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The Earth is filled with natural forces. Spirits representing different aspects of the world. "Danger" is one of them.


I am an aspiring comic book creator. I have decided to share my sequential work. This is the first step. --Hope you like it!
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website: www.ablackmanart.com, Twitter: @ablackmanart, Instagram: ablackman_art

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Here is the corrected page for the first single page story: "Danger 'Man'". You can see the updated character designs and what my artwork looks like now.
Author Note
This is the original page I created, oh five years ago. I updated the title and and the name in one of the balloons. I'll release the updated page with the new costume next.

It is so interesting revisiting this old art.
Author Note
This is the cover to the first "single page" story.

Author Note
"Danger Man" is an interesting experiment and the first step of me *hopefully* doing this professionally. I have learned to work in progression; small steps to build confidence. I've decided to heed the advice of others and not start the big magnum opus on my first attempt.

I have been experimenting with mini comics. "Danger Man" is one of them. This was designed as 4 single page stories. Similar to the single page comic ads (Hostess, Snickers, etc.) within some comic books. The goal was to ramp me up to doing pages instead of just pinups. This cover is the "overall" cover for this "mini-comic". Each single page story has a cover of its own. *still have to work in some pinups* :)

This comic wasn't always called "Danger Man". It originally existed under a different moniker with a different character design.

I'll tell that story on the next upload.

Hope you like the cover!

Keep creating,

Antoine Blackman
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