Danse Macabre, Danse Amour

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A young urban explorer seeks answers to her hometown's missing persons problem in a forbidden part of town. An old theatre opens its doors for her. Will she be able to cope with what she finds inside, or will her poster join the others at town hall?

Storyboard, writing & colours by Nomad | Lines and rendering by Jack
Thriller/Fantasy, T
Updates Fridays


{ M - 🍁 - '95}
Howdy I'm Jack; author, comic artist, and purveyor of monstrous men

I've got a lot of stories to tell, nice to meet you

Come sit for a spell, if you like what you see

🔞 My works are intended for adult audiences, and feature mature themes. Please be mindful of content warnings


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Indeed, NOT prey. A partner.
Author Note
May I have this dance?
Author Note
AAA! You're so welcome, Jack!!!! :D
Honestly, I'm such a sucker for small details!!! :0
Thank you for all the observant comments! It's been real flattering to read, I'm always so glad when people notice and appreciate the little details :>
Glad you're liking it so far!