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Last update: 4th Nov 2020, 5:06 PM
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In search for answers about her family, young Enyr joins forces with Aendhág, the lonely last prince of western dragons. Their stories have many points in common: both their families were slashed by strange enemies. Legends tell about primordial demons, monsters called DárHái, whose only purpose is destruction. The western lands agonize, but Enyr knows for sure there´re no demons involved. A more earthly power is behind the crimes against their clans, a truth that will bond their destinies forever.


Fantasy lover, metal head and puffy soul.
Will drink coffee for fun.

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I love the patterns on Zevet’s wings. Reminds me of bubbles.
This is a lovely page. I want to lay down in this room, sunbathe, and read Gary Larson books.
She´s just a little girl! ^^
She is so small!
bravery? more like stupidity she heard the whole conversaton.