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In search for answers about her family, young Enyr joins forces with Aendhág, the lonely last prince of western dragons. Their stories have many points in common: both their families were slashed by strange enemies. Legends tell about primordial demons, monsters called DárHái, whose only purpose is destruction. The western lands agonize, but Enyr knows for sure there´re no demons involved. A more earthly power is behind the crimes against their clans, a truth that will bond their destinies forever.


Nothing special, just your average fantasy lover.

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Guest (Guest)
3 days ago
Awesome work, take your time
Left on Pg.17
5 days ago
Hi! First of all, thanks for all the support^3^
End of first chapter! Yay!

I´ll take a short break to work on my other comic (really short) before starting chapter two. And brace yourselves, cuz infodumping is coming. Not too much, promise, but a bit of worldbuilding is always necessary ;-P

See you^^
Left on Pg.17
11 days ago
Aendhag drops all his regality and cowers before a commoner when worried about his sister--that's sweet.
Left on Pg.15
Guest (Guest)
1st Jan 2020
Aendhag seems more worried than his sister.
Left on Pg.15
29th Dec 2019
But I want more D8
Left on Pg.15