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Because growing up is a thing people do, apparently.
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Alternately a goofy gag-a-week comedy and a significantly less goofy serialized comedy-drama, David: A Webcomic follows the lives of a group of lifelong friends as they shakily exit their teenage years and take their first steps towards adulthood. Also there's something about talking birds? And timeshifted clones? I dunno, man, it all seems to make sense, more or less.


David A Webcomic
David A Webcomic
Heya! I'm David (he/him), an American-based webcomic writer/artist and game design student! I've been making my strip for just over 3 years now and quite frankly I only now feel confident enough to post them on an actual webcomic hosting service! Let's hope I can make it in the weird world of online comics!

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David A Webcomic
D'aww, thanks! One of the things I want to do with this arc is kinda emphasize the fact that Tiny David and friends are only 14, they're at various points within their respective puberties, and they're feeling a lot of these genuinely romantic feelings for the first time.
Love the humor of this page. Hearing how many times Tiny David has brought up Kenzie's eyes and other features is adorable, plus the "What is it with you and eyes, dude." Love it so much! And then over the course of the page TD realizes himself how serious this is. Very cute and reminiscent of young school days. Also really love the TD expressions here as well.
David A Webcomic
Honestly, I'm genuinely proud of how this strip turned out. Hell, if I keep this up, Arc 8's gonna be fuckin' amazing! This strip also introduces Morgan Calem, Morgyn's twin brother, and Kaiden Fields, who I think came out particularly well in this strip. They're gonna be a fun pair to work with in the future.
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David A Webcomic
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