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Crazy things happen in the world everyday. Some are dramatic, some are funny, some seem to come from a movie and sometimes, a drawing is all we need to explain them.


I am just passing by. I won't stay long. Don't be sad, I am already gone.

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Thank goodness the fire was caught early, so Al-Aqsa still stands with little damage as far as I can find.

I also want to say thank you so much for sharing your work with us. It is a rare and precious thing for political satire to uplift rather than simply reinforce cynicism and I was very glad to find that here.
Well it is the season of fire. And as Notre Dame burned on live, another ancient building burned down in Jerusalem. Al-Aqsa Mosque was one of the eldest and the third holiest site for Muslim in Jerusalem. Unfortunately, it burned exactly at the same time as Notre Dame of Paris, so barely no one talked about it.
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Doozy Q
Sad, very sad.
Thank you so much. I know my flux of delivery as considerably reduce those past year, but hopefully it will go back to normal soon. :)
It fell three times as we build it. It got almost half destroyed during revolution, turned into a republic building before being entirely restored. Twice.

Do not worry. Notre Dame will still stand and will still hold.
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