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Come n jammmmmm son
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Reverb, Tremelo, Flanger, Crunch!! Nope, not the pedals, the band members of Dazeychain! I heard they're ramping up to release their first album and tour out of their smalll town, wonder what kind of crazy stuffs will happen along the way...


i like to drawwwwww n stuffy stuffs.

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Young Nutz
10th Aug 2019
Young Nutz
The artwork has definitely improved throughout. Good job!
Left on pg 20
Young Nutz
10th Aug 2019
Young Nutz
'jam junkies' :D
Left on pg 2
19th Feb 2018
Chapter one is in progress as we speak!!
Left on pg 16
lizard (Guest)
28th Apr 2017
dude's emotions change up so much, i love it
Left on pg 14
theradical (Guest)
25th Jan 2017
omg crunch is me
i love these characters already.
Left on pg 11