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Dragonball Z Elsewhere
The tale of Yamcha and the Sacred Schools
Last update: 8th Apr 2020, 2:09 AM
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
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A Dragonball sidestory set during the seven years between the defeat of Cell and the coming of Majin Buu. Yamcha, long-time ally of Goku, finds himself lost at a crossroads in his life. Thrust back into his mysterious past, Yamcha is forced into a position where he must face his fears, failures, duties, and the culmination of the myths and legends of the Dragonball universe!



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Just leaving my obligatory 10/10 review for Elsewhere on my occasional check up on Elsewhere's chapters. I know life is way more important than this fan comic, but I hope that if the author doesn't believe or want to continue illustrating that he will release his idea of the plot in the form of a fanfiction.
wow great job! I can't believe you dedicated your time to make all this for Yamcha. He's always been one of my favorite characters and it's good to see a fan doing some justice for him.
oh so that's how he got his scars. So if this was the time after he fought tienshinhan, this man was actually a threat at this time to everyone in the world or just yamcha?
This dbz elsewhere manga is pretty good. I really like the backstory of one of my favorite characters.
Is this evil character inspired from Barabas of Salomon’s Claviculaes / Keys ? The draw on the ground looks like a magical sigil from Salomon’s book.