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Comic profile: Dragonball Z Elsewhere
Dragonball Z Elsewhere
The tale of Yamcha and the Sacred Schools
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Action
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 28th Jun 2018, 1:28 PM
Number of comics: 464
Number of subscribers: 65
Visitors: 203281 visitors (4251510 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.97 (225 votes)

Comic description

A Dragonball sidestory set during the seven years between the defeat of Cell and the coming of Majin Buu. Yamcha, long-time ally of Goku, finds himself lost at a crossroads in his life. Thrust back into his mysterious past, Yamcha is forced into a position where he must face his fears, failures, duties, and the culmination of the myths and legends of the Dragonball universe!



Most recent comments left on Dragonball Z Elsewhere

3 days ago
The reality of it is, whether intended or not, the cast did grow as characters- every single one of them. Vegeta stopped being a murdering jackass, Piccolo became a mentor father-figure, Krillin turned into a respectable guy instead of a perv, Tenshinhan developed compassion, etc etc etc
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Guest (Guest)
3 days ago
What's the point of a long running series focused on a cast of characters if there is no change or development of that cast?
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silverwolf1080 (Guest)
One week ago
I like how it looks a little but like Muay Thai.
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Gokitalo (Guest)
8 days ago
Well, I wouldn't really go that far... doesn't the anime has at least two different versions of Dende learning that Piccolo absorbed Nail, for example? :-P Plus Toriyama has mentioned in interviews that he did get a little frustrated sometimes when Goku was portrayed as, in his mind, overly heroic in the anime.

Basically, I think Toriyama's otherwise approval of the anime overall lets fans pick and choose what "extra" stuff in there happened (especially since, as the Kanzenshuu link points out, a lot of the ideas for the filler were his!). So until Toriyama flat-out overwrites something that was in the anime with a new idea (or states it never happened), you can totally add it to your head-canon, or, as RMK has, incorporate it into a fan comic. Probably won't win you too many arguments with the purists, though :-P
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Gem (Guest)
31st Jul 2018
*ahem* DODGE
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