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Deadly Syns
A LeafGreen Nuzlocke Challenge
Last update: Today, 11:59 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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She thought she was just doing a friend a favor, but when everything she knows begins to fall apart, Syn realizes this might be a bigger deal than she first expected.
Faced with loss, betrayal, and a mysterious voice in her head, can she survive all the world has to throw at her and discover who she really is before insanity sinks in?

Deadly Syns is a Leaf Green Nuzlocke Challenge featuring a dumb ginger girl and lots of good pokemon kids (and also weird creepy soul stuff etc.)
It's a project very close to my heart, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
~It currently updates every Wednesday~


My name is Dingo, and I came from the war-torn land of SmackJeeves

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I gotta try telling people "your soul smells funny" sometime
We're back! Boi last week feels like years ago wtf
- i love him yes
- Abrus is still gonna be here, he's just not particularly useful for the next few gyms so he's taking a step back from official battles etc. for now
- I have too many pokemon hahaaa
- Syn is wobbly
- Get used to Spooks saying weird shit
- i still love him
- also a slight explanation to clear up the tower shenanigans
- oh look more trouble who would've guessed
- y'all expecting me to answer stuff but im actually just gonna keep giving u more questions until u pass out from confusion and i can drop the comic
- but yes, ghost types aren't actual ghosts, but a lot of their abilities revolve around spirits etc. hence why spooks can sense the weird stuff going on with syn
- did i mention i love spooks?
- anyway, chapter over! not that i really make that clear anyway
- what's stalking syn and why can't she have nice things
Author Note
it doesn't really matter, he's dead now anyway lmao
was that man horny ms syn or was he just being a jackass
Thank you!