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Last update: 22nd Jul 2020, 6:17 PM
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I started this as drawing practice and to learn how to make a webcomic.


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God, her parents must hate themselves...
Thanks for your understanding.
I ditched the rabbit because I really only borrowed it and it was time to give it back. The rabbit is an original idea by comicfury artist "Panda Cop". I placed it in my avatar as an "homage" to the comic strip "Cosmic Warriors" that featured my character "Brock Trueblood" as the winner in "Round 4". It was a very fun experience for me.
Oh yeah, whenever I'm shown what's considered "evidence" of wrongdoing of certain groups of people on Facebook, I just have to remind my father that it's nothing more than hate-filled propaganda with no basis in reality.

Makes me feel sorry for your aunt, truly. At a certain point I only end up feeling pity for those who go down the path of resentment and bigotry. The internet makes it SO easy to live in one's own bubble, that's for sure.
Yeah, I've experienced that. Maybe it's because I'm too White and Nerdy. Unfortunately, hatred and distrust of the "other" is a common theme among humans.
And Hey! You ditched your hat!