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Last update: 1st Jul 2021, 11:51 PM
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I started this as drawing practice and to learn how to make a webcomic.


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I'm attracted to her too. She's based on a real actress. I won't say who until the end of Universal Heroes. I'm struggling to learn proper perspective for those backgrounds. I'm faking it a lot. I don't think they're that great but at least I've gotten better than insanely bad. Getting a complement from someone with your skills made my day!
I am so attracted to this woman. Simping aside, looking at your previous pages, I am really jealous of you background drawing skils. They're insanely good.

Assassin Anime
I'm doing well. You never want to be naked acted in South Florida.
Thank you. He's supposed to look like a kid who just got spanked. He'd be 18-19 here.
I like the fact that you captured the soldier looking like a young boy. In the UK this is just 16, which is too young to drink or vote.