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Humanity’s Goddess lives among them in the world of Haven. In each of her reincarnations she is sought after by two Churches. The Holy Rose has existed since the beginning. The Crimson is a broken off section of The Holy Rose that has been in disagreement with their ways. This has lead both Churches to race to find The Goddess each time she returns. However, this reincarnation will be hard to find and far more difficult to prove. The Goddess has for the first time, come back as... A boy.


Real Name: Erin Gormley
Age: 35
Sex: Female
Location: TX
Job: Comic Artist Full Time

I enjoy drawing, writing, editing videos, reading online and off-line comics, playing video games, and watching cartoons of many kinds. Be it anime or good ole American cartoons.

My love for Adventure Games has grown and I plan on collecting all that I can, be they old or new games.

I also like RPGs and Platformers.

And horror games. I may not like watching horror movies, but horror games are a lot of fun.

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