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Graphic Violence / Gore
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Flowers from the Deep is a tale about love, death, ancient gods and a peculiar red flower growing at the bottom of the ocean. Cast your eyes on the great coral reefs of the Sargasso Sea as we trace the origins of our main hero, Frederic, and follow the mysterious shipwreck which marks the beginning of his extraordinary journey.



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We’ll have more killings coming up pretty soon! 😆
I figured that out! Ahahhah.

You could check up the words in the comic and be surprised though.

They are part of a sacred, Aztec hymn
Yes. You didn't click on the link? It takes to you to the video on Youtube.
Lionel Ritchie admits that most of those lyrics are actually made up nonsense, but they sounded cool...
I was attempting to make fun of those cryptic words you posted....
You are killn' it. Literally and figuratively.
Is...that “All Night Long”?