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It is the year 2050, and there is world peace. But is it peace? Many whisper of the terrible being that controls the world in secret. The black magician who creates storms, disasters and deaths with his army raised from the legions of Hell. The Demon King.

Aya Chihiko is a normal, 16 year old high school student transferring from the city of Kyoto to the small town of Daijin. She's heard the rumors of the Demon King. And she doesn't care much. But that changes when she meets the school outcast Toru Akujin. Intrigued by the stories about his family, Aya follows him home, and learns that this strange young man might know a thing or two about the Demon King. And, maybe, how to stop him.

WARNING FOR GORE AND SWEARING. It isn't enough for me to mark at as completely NSFW, because those moments are far between enough, but still be aware.

Occult Horror.

Updates on Friday

Some of the older chapters (except for Chapter 1 now) look a bit butt. Please bear with it, it gets better.


Redneck archaeologist who likes horror crap.

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19th Jan 2020
Hey! Maelstrom51210 here. Demon King has finally been uploaded here in it's current entirety. It'll start updating on Fridays. See ya'll then!
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