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Comic profile: Demon Wings
Demon Wings
Will you be our salvation or our destruction?
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Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 16th Feb 2018, 6:09 PM
Number of comics: 214
Number of subscribers: 64
Visitors: 74296 visitors (515698 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.99 (162 votes)

Comic description

Succubus, Leandra, isn't like normal demons. She is empathetic and struggles to live in the realm of darkness. She wants to look for a way out, while caring for a young succubus named Candy, who is her closest friend. They're followed by Dagger, who may or may not be an ally.
Updates Tuesday.



I'm Kiki, 25 years old. I'm married to my wonderful husband, Brian, and we are expecting our son, Emil, in December. I work on comics at my own leisure since I have a full time job as a Walgreens manager, but I always come back to them.

Most recent comments left on Demon Wings

16th Feb 2018
Sorry for no updates in a while! We've been busy moving in with my husband's parents, and haven't really had a chance to sit down and be in the right mindset for drawing. I'm also having trouble figuring out how to do the next page because I don't like my original draft...

Today is our one year wedding anniversary.
Emil is learning how to smile now. He'll look at us and smile a lot. He's also doing a lot of baby talk. It's really cool seeing him grow like this.

So, here's an amazing piece of art done by shinguuji on tumblr! I love it so much!!!
Left on Leandra by shinguuji
9th Jan 2018
An update after a dry spell!
I've recovered from my surgery. There's going to be more changes, we're moving in with Brian's parents to be more financially stable. I'm still off work.
I'm posting more exclusive stuff to Patreon, and changed my goal to be $100 a month to cover Emil's formula. The cans cost about $35 each and he eats 2-3 a month. If you could contribute even $1, it would help a ton, or share the link.
Left on R82 digital
13th Dec 2017
Thank you. I've been in so much pain, and my husband works during the day, so I've just been sleeping whenever Emil is sleeping. x_x I hope the pain doesn't stay too long, it really sucks.
Left on Baby Emil
13th Dec 2017
Congrats on the baby!

Here's to a speedy recovery.
Left on Baby Emil
13th Dec 2017
My comic queue ran out!

I gave birth to my son Emil last week.

For two days I was in pain, but didn't think anything of it and was going to wait for my next doctor appointment. On the second day, I told my mother-in-law what I was feeling and she told me it sounded like I was going into labor. So I called Brian to take me to the hospital.
The first nurse told me I wasn't going into labor, because I was so calm and not flipping out. When they checked me, I was actively in labor.
I was in labor for 28 hours straight in the hospital. The pain got so bad that I needed an epidural, but partway through it stopped working. Emil was refusing to come out and both of us had bad reactions to the pain I was in. Even though I was fully dilated, I needed a C-section.
My mother-in-law stayed with me during the surgery. I passed out a few minutes in and woke up right as they got Emil out. I heard him crying and begged to see him. I saw him, then passed out again, and threw up before the surgery was over.
He was born with low blood sugar and mild Jaundice, so he had to stay in the newborn intensive care unit for a few days.
I had to stay for a few days to recover from my surgery. Brian stayed with me the whole time, sleeping in my recovery room. It was hell though, I could barely walk and needed help going to the bathroom.
Emil was discharged to our care one day before I was discharged from the hospital.
We're at home now, but I'm still recovering from the surgery. I'm still in a ton of pain, have trouble walking, need help getting around, etc. So I'll be slow working on the comic pages. I mostly just pass out when Emil is sleeping soundly.
But he's finally here, and I'm on my way to recovery.
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