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Comic profile: Demon Wings
Demon Wings
Will you be our salvation or our destruction?
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Content flags: Violent ContentSexual ContentStrong LanguageNudity
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 21st Mar 2017
Number of comics: 190
Number of subscribers: 59
Visitors: 65706 visitors (454595 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.99 (130 votes)

Comic description

Succubus, Leandra, isn't like normal demons. She is empathetic and struggles to live in the realm of darkness. She wants to look for a way out, while caring for a young succubus named Candy, who is her closest friend. They're followed by Dagger, who may or may not be an ally.
Updates Tuesday.



I don't usually fill out my profiles on sites much, but I guess people on here will want to know about me.
Ummm, I'm Kiki, 24 years old. I write the same way I talk in person. I want to make friends and talk to people easily, but sometimes I have trouble talking or coming up with things to say. In person I'm really weird and outgoing, but still have trouble talking with people I don't know well.
I love disturbing and dark stories, which is how I try to write mine. I like downer endings and depressing parts.

Most recent comments left on Demon Wings

21st Mar 2017
I really like how Candy came out in this one
Left on R69 Digital
14th Mar 2017
Apologies again for not posting for a long time. A lot happened.
I broke up with my old boyfriend last year, and started dating someone who used to work at my store and I had been friends with for a year. We got married in February and working on finding a new place to live. He's a very sweet person and he loves Demon Wings. It gave me more motivation to keep working even though I lost a handful of friends last year.
I'm also trying to get off of my overnight shift since I've had to call the cops a few times lately and have them arrest people. I had a guy pull a knife on the cops/my cashier, and yesterday another guy pulled a knife on ME. Fun stuff.
Well, I never give up on finishing my comic, I just need to change some info and redo a lot of the book pages, but it's almost the end of this arc!
Left on R68 Digital
22nd Dec 2016
Sorry to hear that. Good to know you have things mostly sorted out though.
Left on R67 Digital
22nd Dec 2016
*covers face*
I'm so sorry it's been this long, again.

My computer is a piece of crap, my tablet broke, and then there's been a lot of personal drama. I need to change all the pages I had set up for the book. Two people who were helping me are gone now.

Uhhh, I got a Pro Surface 3 from my friend for my birthday, so I've been setting it up with all the programs I need to do art. The only problem is getting the tones I need for Gimp, so I have to navigate between my two computers to get the page finished. -_- Annoying.
The Surface works waaaayyyy better as a tablet though, since I can draw directly on the screen!

I also had a lot of issues with this page not saving, drawing on the wrong layer, etc etc. I was getting really mad.

So who are those demons Dagger is talking about turning normal again? You shall find out.
Left on R67 Digital
4th Oct 2016
Sorry for not posting for a while again... Just a lot of personal stuff going on that is making it hard for me to work on anything...

My friend drew Candy from the first arc when she realizes Dagger is going to kill her
Left on Candy's Death by Rin