Descent Through Wonderland
You've never seen Wonderland quite like this.
Last update: 14th Mar 2023, 10:47 PM
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
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Perhaps we'll someday wake from the dream, for if we sleep too long, death will befall us.

Follow the journey of Olive and Olivia as they stumble down into the depths of a quirky and twisted Wonderland, making friends with a chimney sweep lizard turned assassin and a Dodo who isn't all he seems as they try to escape the crumbling land and discover the pros and cons of psychological escapism and come to terms with their own faults.


I am a video game designer and artist who is 36 years old. I've been making comics for a while, and making video games for a couple of years. I hope you enjoy all that I post here.

Most of my works have to deal with introspection on the human condition and the darkness of the human mind. I mainly write horror and romance, but I have a few works that are a good mixture of things.

It doesn't have anything on it yet, but it'll be home to my updates and various other stuff.

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aww, I love Olive's little bow as she says her name! :-D
I spent all day on this update, but it's finally out. I haven't been feeling well, and I've had a headache all day so I consider it a win that I got this out.

I only have a few more updates until I'm all caught up with remastering this series. I'm excited to finally put out new content!
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Okay! ^_^
(hugs you back) I certainly will!
Okay *hugs* Make sure to get plenty of rest, too.