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Finley Danarei arrives at Hellhaven, a city that contrasts the aristocratic captial they grew up in. As an iron-fisted agent sent by The Ensemble, Finley swiftly gets to work... until an obnoxious, punky bard stands in their way. Cassius is not only is a formidable nuisance, but he also completely throws Finley's hardened demeanor off-guard. He's chaotic, idiotic, and practically the opposite of everything they stand for.
A rivalry is born!

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Imagine brain damage
*plays a tiny violin between my fingers*
And then Cassius died.

This update features more patron OCs, reoccurring and new! Found on the bottom of the page is fangypeach's draconic Jersey and Laura, Nate's knightly Kimmen, and court00ns' devilish Journey!

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First few "Hive Queen" patreon character features are in this update! All in the first frame of pg19 with Nathan's Kimmen and fangypeach's two characters, Laura and Jersey! More to come soon :^) Consider supporting on Patreon for a chance to also get your character featured and supporting this comic!
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