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A lone guy unpacking all his thoughts into wildly illustrated pictures.
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Hey, I call myself Dia, Diabeticus for short. I consider this to be a do-what-may comic. In a way, it's like a podcast but in illustrated form where I generally share my thoughts on generally anything. That's about it.


A curious "sugar lump" as they call me . Am I curious? How does ever know I am?

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How many times he has to get punched is more worrying
Poor ampy has to get punched so many times for science
*Of all places, there’s a mis-type on the million-dollar question - I keep writing bullet punch when it’s not. Geez, I should really correct everything in the script and not just rely on my mind to convert every word to Mach.

Anyways, this one I realize some evidence of burnout from the first set of 20 frames to this set of 20 frames (yes, it’s 19). In the first, I draw some variety, like Komasan in a costume and Sprigatito with an FN Scar. Here, it’s just graphs, numbers, and just a plain front view of the Petilil fella. The Ampharos, Breloom gives it a touch but that’s just about it.
Author Note
Decided I should slow down the GIF to 7-8 seconds a frame on the case that someone is very focused and interested in reading every number and detail of this number stuff,

But I dunno, gimme feedback, how do you feel about... all of this?
I mean I get the impression that folk commonly have a weakness to mathematics, so I am in this assumptive position that the folks who watch my (regularly not mathematical) comics aren’t into the numbers. In fact, the previous draft of this has even more numbers and has more logical jargon, so I had to dumb it down a bit during drawing.
Author Note
Time to flex your math nerves and learn some MATH

I try to keep this math attached to the current context of the problem, so I thought of drawing Breloom with relevant monologue.

This one is a bit shorter to make, because I didn’t have to write completely new scenarios each frame - the strip has gone from [general and transitionary] to [specific and indicative], which I realize is a common format of textbooks or any lecturing.

Like, my Linguistics 101 class talked about ten branches of Linguistics, and in Linguistics 102, they focus on the branch of Sociolinguistics. My Psych book goes through the parts of a brain and a neuron, and then goes to specifics of the action potential and long term potentiation
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