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My inspiration varies more than the weather around here , so when I'm not making comics sometimes i like to make random art or design characters or what not , so this is where I'll share that stuff.


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hi everyone,
so here's another one of my artworks , this is watercolor even thoughit doesn't look like it . I got some St. Petersburgh paints and man , they are intense , anyway , hope you like it ...
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this one was going to be part of the Starknights comic but I went a different direction with it.....
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Well i guess the add a link thing doesnt work ..anyway the comic is starknightssaga..
Hi everyone ,
So sometimes I like to do other art besides my Starknights comic
so this is the spot where I'll share that sort of thing .I have quite a bit of stuff , so I'll be updating here a lot till I get caught up , hope you like some of it ...let me know what you think , this first one is watercolor over ink, I played with the intensity a bit in gimp to get the colors where i wanted them . I have an Aliens fanart piece I'd like to share here too but Idk if thats allowed ? does anyone know for sure ?
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