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Last update: 28th Apr 2020, 5:00 AM
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Deep in the forest lives a rabbit wertieran named Ruby. All of her life she has been taught that predator species were monsters dead-set on hunting and devouring her. One night she falls away from the path she knows into a trap when a wolf named Caine finds and saves her. He's nothing like Ruby has heard of; in fact, Caine turns out to be kinder than most people she knows. Despite their differences, they become friends.
But rabbits are paranoid, and wolves have laws regarding interactions with inferior wertieran species. Will their secret stay secret? Or will they be crushed my the world that despises their friendship?


Joshua Sturm
Joshua Sturm
I enjoy drawing and playing more video games than I should have access to.
My talents in writing include only creating major plot developments. My weakness is creating everything else in between.

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God, caine has become such beefcake in the last few pages, big boi with a soft heart!!!
New to this comic and I already ship them harder than Haru X Legoshi from Beast Stars.
Joshua Sturm
Well, more of that Caine didn't really give full detail to Cliff on the rabbit he caught. Cliff was talking about basic rabbits, the critters. Caine just did a little lying-without-really-lying kinda thing
Supiorior abs