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Digimon Saviors 2
The Crimson Path
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Years after the original Digimon Saviors, 5 new digidestined are chosen to save the world After slowly learning to bond with their partners and each other, the members of the new team are facing a new trial, in addition to their social lives and friendships: The old digidestined are slowly disappearing one by one.


Hey! I'm a Smackjeeves Refugee. Spriter, coder, gay, etc.

Been spriting like 14 years? Still garbage at it. Yeah. Thats a me!

I started making sprite comics in 2005 and I guess I still do sometimes.

Moved from SmackJeeves. Was Reign of Chaos there.

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I loves the movie from beginning to end
I love the Crests. Really well done Neroe.
Nova Ozuka
I'll have to remember this on Tuesday.
Happy Odaiba day everyone!

The first official Digimon Saviors movie is HERE!


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Oh Azulongmon this won't be good-