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Digimon: Digital Whisper
When the world is your enemy, will you continue to fight?
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Eleven years ago, there was a period of twenty-four hours where electronic communications were shut down and the entire Internet went offline worldwide. The mass chaos and panic was known as the First Network Crisis and its source was never discovered.

Now, something strange is happening to the world. Sections of reality are becoming twisted and warped, and monster sightings have increased. Strange bugs have been appearing online, and reports of malfunctioning machinery are coming in hourly. At the dawn of the Second Network Crisis, four teenagers will fight for their lives.


I started making sprite comics in 2005 and I guess I still do sometimes.

Moved from SmackJeeves. Was Reign of Chaos there.

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nice to see this revived in a sense. I have been missing a good Digimon comic.
What program did you use to make these? Looks legit even for its time.
I'd forgotten this comic, but it helped inspire me to get back into spriting years back.
If this was made 5 years ago, gotta say that the effects and neatness still hold up quite well.