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Comic profile: DimensioNoir
A science fantasy detective story.
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Content flags: Strong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday, 4:00 PM
Number of comics: 614
Number of subscribers: 45
Visitors: 35207 visitors (257618 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.98 (80 votes)

Comic description

The sleepy city of Fairfield, Alaska, has a secret. Somewhere on its outskirts is a portal to another world. On the other side of that portal lies the city of Agartha, a cold and dangerous metropolis filled with magic, danger, and crime.
For excitement-seeking Detective Nina Erkens, this is a dream come true.


Selan Pike
Selan Pike
I'm Selan and I draw things and write things. Sometimes I do that at the same time.

My website is, you can visit it if you'd like?

Most recent comments left on DimensioNoir

Ax (Guest)
15th Apr 2018
omg i love their little 0v0 faces. also really Feelin' the first from the left
Left on Bonus-- Some Borea
Guest (Guest)
14th Apr 2018
That second one on the right... I hope its one of the not asshole ones because I can't take that seriously.
Left on Bonus-- Some Borea
Selan Pike
13th Apr 2018
Selan Pike
eyyyy so i've been doing plans for a lil rpg maker game i'm gonna make once the comic's over. it's gonna have some borea in it! possibly including a couple who aren't assholes??? anyway so here's some concept art of some borea
Left on Bonus-- Some Borea
Selan Pike
22nd Mar 2018
Selan Pike
Hey, quick heads up guys-- I'm going to be at Freecon in Tallahassee, Florida (On the FSU campus!! eyyyy my alma mater) this weekend on Mar 24-25, and then after that I'm gonna be at Anime Boston in Boston, Massachusetts, on Mar 30-Apr 1!!!

(eyyyy floridians driving into winter weather, why this)

So if you'll be at either of those events, come find me!! I'll have the DimensioNoir books, merch, and many other things for sale!

This probably shouldn't affect the comic's upload schedule. I think I'm ahead enough, eheheh. I'll update y'all if anything changes.
Left on Page 527
Selan Pike
28th Feb 2018
Selan Pike
I've been thinking on a Hogwarts AU for a while, since listening to some Harry Potter audiobooks, and it mostly revolves around being a queer kid at Hogwarts, and also Nina starts a fight club
Left on Bonus-- Hogwarts AU