Directional Brilliance
A Project M smash hit - On Hiatus
Last update: 5th Nov 2014, 6:25 AM
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This comic is an exercise for me to draw and improve, while simultaneously enabling me to rant about all the outlandish things in Project M.

The first comics are a bit sketchy since I haven't figured out the balance between having enough time to finish the comic and going full digital paint mode. They'll get better gradually; after all, this is an exercise in improvement.


Most recent comments left on Directional Brilliance

I love your comics! Just wanted to let you know that if you ever have the urge to make more that you have fans!
I was wondering why I was stuck with having to stare at this beautiful piece of artwork for the last few months!

Hope to see you back to making more of these, eventually. I really enjoy your sense of humor in these comics (And I'm way too easily won over by clever puns). It's also been quite interesting to see your art style evolve the way it has.
Good to know you. Haven't given up at least. Hopefully you can get back in it eventually. The world needs you
Hey everyone, thanks for the encouraging comments.

Unfortunately, I haven't had access to Project M for a few months, and it's hard to find ideas for comics when I can't play the game! Hopefully I'll be able to restart in the future, but for the moment, DB is stuck at comic 10.
Just commenting to let you know that your comics are great and it'd be awesome if you made more.