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Webcomic profile: Dirty Scrub Club
Dirty Scrub Club
Wash Your Hands
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Language: English
Genre: Gag-a-day
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Last update: Yesterday, 7:00 AM
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My Webcomic! Not for medical advice or opinion, this is a work of fiction not based on actual people or events and does not reflect the opinion of my employer or any nurse or nurses association ever. If you are worried you are having a medical emergency please stop reading webcomics and contact emergency medical services immediately.


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Commence the elderly superhero jokes!
No one cared who he was until he put on the CPAP Mask.
He's the gero we deserve, not the gero we need.
He's alert and oriented... to pain
With great prostate comes great responsibility
Left on The Sundowner
8 days ago
I have terrible news... Tonight we will be... UPGRADING THE ELECTRONIC CHARTING SOFTWARE!!! It will be an ...EPIC... experience. You will cerner-tainly enjoy taking the night to hand write Allscripts. Those e-MD's will have some Amazing Charts for you to decipher! (These are all kinds of electronic health records... I didn't know most of them either).
Left on Down Time Charting
3rd Oct 2019
So my idea for the month of October is spooky costumes for healthcare people... And what could be more frightening than noticing a massive hole in your glove after you have done something that can't be discussed in polite company. Hands up if you have ever considered a chain mail gauntlet for all your nursing needs! Semmelweiss said wash your damn hands, I'm pretty sure Nightingale said it too... But you know, more intelligently.
Left on Spooky Costumes for Healthcare People
26th Sep 2019
Two weeks ago I got to make a joke about medical diagnoses, this week it's time to make a NURSING DIAGNOSIS. For anyone who hasn't gotten to experience this yet, many nurses are taught to think in a way that fits this formula:

(Concern) related to (interpretation of problem) as evidenced by (whatever has gone wrong related to the initial concern)*.

At the moment, my nursing diagnoses would be Impaired Nutrition: More than Body Requirements related to decreased activity and excessive calorie intake as evidenced by the pack of Oreo cookies and bottle of beer that are being used as my comic fuel*.

*Disclaimer: my memory of nursing diagnosis may be clouded by the afore mentioned poor diet coupled with a little bit of PTSD and a few years' distance from school... make sure to consult your nurse before attempting to apply any nursing diagnosis or portion thereof.
Left on Nursing Care Plan
18th Sep 2019
"Chlorhexidine gluconate will never love you like alcohol loves you."
To all the antiseptic skeptics out there, alcohol is the proper selection for disinfection before your injection. And now that the size of our supplies has been revised, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.
I didn't really set out to publicize things that sanitize, and it was kind of a pain to itemize. Especially when this whole muse was just a ruse to make a joke about booze.
Left on Swab the Poop Deck